Research and Development of heat pump and refrigeration equipment and systems


What are the main steps in the development of heat pump and refrigeration equipment and systems:

  • Assessment of purpose, functionality, and analysis for customer needs
  • Preparation of a conceptual solution with an economic evaluation of the investment, which assesses its suitability
  • Development of individual facilities according to the following functionality criteria:
  • Type of equipment:

– Water-Water heat pump
– Geothermal heat pump
– Air-water heat pump
– Heat recovery heat pump
– Heat pump with specific requirements

  • Operating mode and target operating temperature:

– Heating (with fan coils, underfloor radiant or with heater)
– Cooling (with fan coils, surface)
– DHW – domestic hot water

  • Installed capacity in the corresponding mode:

– Heating
– Cooling
– DHW – domestic hot water

  • Operating boundary temperatures
  • Refrigerant
  • Frequency controlled variable speed Compressor, pumps and fans
  • Specific requirements:

– Dimensions
– Weight
– Working environment – aggressive fluids

  • Management system:

– Individual control
– Centralized control via MODBUS, KNX or analog and digital inputs